About Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling is the obvious symptom of an emotional disorder. The emotional factors involved are:

  • Inability or unwillingness to accept reality
  • Emotional insecurity
  • Basic immaturity
  • Lack of self esteem

The gambler finds that they are most comfortable when gambling. Many psychiatrists feel that they have an underlying need for self destruction.

Compulsive gambling brings despair and humiliation into the lives of countless thousands of men, women and children. The compulsive gambler is a person who is dominated by an irresistible urge to gamble. Coupled with this is the obsessive idea that a way will be found, not only to control the gambling, but to “make it pay” and enjoy it besides. This disease causes deterioration in almost all areas of their lives.

The compulsive gambler attempts to create an image of themselves as a philanthropist and an all round “fun person”. Much of the time they live in a dream world which satisfies their emotional needs. They dream of life filled with friends, new cars, penthouses, yachts etc. Pathetically there never seem to be big enough winnings to make even the smallest dream come true, probably because whatever money is won, to them it is sacred. They must always return to win more – no amount is sufficient. Ultimately they gamble in reckless desperation and their dream world brings them no relief. They destroy themselves and everyone they touch.