What has Gam Anon done for me?

Gam Anon has been an absolute lifeline to me.  One of our books is called “Way of Life” and that is exactly what GamAnon gave me.  I shall be eternally grateful to my room and all the people who have helped and supported me on my journey to a new way of life… Angela, Liverpool Weds

I was really nervous entering the GamAnon room for the first time, but I needn’t have been. Discovering my partner was a compulsive gambler had turned my life upside down and that room turned out to be like a comfort blanket for me. I was assured of confidentiality, made to feel safe and secure by people who listened without judgement. These people had been where I found myself now, they really understood my predicament, shared their own stories with me.  I soaked up every word I heard and took away some literature.  I knew I was going to return to this room. I did and over time I was shown ways of dealing with a life infiltrated by addiction. I am so glad I found this place to pose my questions, face my doubts and fears, and find the relief of knowing I wasn’t on my own in dealing with it all….. Lynda Bristol

Initially GamAnon slowed my panic down, later it made everything manageable and I learned so much from others, now I have a way of dealing with everything that life throws at me….Roger Newcastle

√  GamAnon for me was a life saver, no magic wands but they were there to give unconditional support and guidance to help me to find my way forward…. Lorna Reading

The situation was simply too painful, too stressful, too overwhelming.  Put simply GamAnon helped get me through what seemed impossible…  Robert Newcastle

Nothing I did seemed to help or stop the gambling. We just went round and round. Eventually I went to Gam Anon.  A safe place to help me see what I needed to do to help myself… Lisa Maidstone

Attending Gam-Anon was the best thing I ever did. No matter how bad life with your Compulsive Gambler may seem, Gam-Anon can and does help. We know how it is – we’ve been there, seen it, done it and come out the other side… Jill Reading