I learned so much from others, now I have a way of dealing with everything life throws at me.”

You are not alone.

Gam-Anon has been an absolute lifeline to me. One of our books is called “Way of Life” and that is exactly what Gam-Anon gave me. I shall be eternally grateful to my room and all the people who have helped and supported me on my journey to a new way of life...

What is the Gam-Anon Programme?

The programme offers a new way of life. The spiritual values such as patience, humility and honesty, which we learn to accept gradually, help us to meet old situations with courage and confidence, and new situations with strength and serenity. The full benefit of the programme comes through helping others.

What do I need to do for Gam-Anon to help me?

We have to be honest enough with ourselves to admit that we have a problem and be willing to accept the help that Gam-Anon has to offer.

Can Gam-Anon help me even if the gambler is still gambling?

Yes. It will help us to realise that we are not alone with our problems. The Steps and tools of the program help us to take control of our lives, in spite of the gambling and the problems caused by the gambling.

Will Gam-Anon help me to convince the gambler that he/she is a compulsive gambler, must stop gambling, and join G.A.?

When we understand the illness of compulsive gambling, and follow the Gam-Anon Steps and suggestions, the resulting change in our actions and attitudes may help the gambler realise that compulsive gambling is a problem and motivate an interest in bringing about a change. Obtain literature from G.A. and leave it where it can be seen and read.

Will the compulsive gambler ever be cured of gambling?

There is no cure for compulsive gambling. However, with regular attendance at G.A. meetings and a continued effort to work the Twelve Steps of Recovery, this illness can be arrested.

Do we in Gam-Anon have set backs?

Habits are difficult to break. We often slip back into the old ways of thinking and acting. However, we need not be discouraged. By attending Gam-Anon meetings and calling members regularly, we can return to a normal way of thinking.

How long does it usually take to realise the benefits of the program after joining Gam-Anon?

Progress towards a better life comes to each of us in our own time and in our own way. Give the program time and have patience.

What can be done about the financial problem?

Gam-Anon members can offer suggestions based upon how they addressed and resolved similar financial problems. For example, it is suggested that household expenses take priority over gambling debts. Even though the financial problems need to be addressed, do not forget that gambling, not money is the problem.

Is Gam-Anon part of G.A.?

No. Gam-Anon is a completely separate fellowship. However, we are closely allied and cooperate with each other in many ways.

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